Cross My Heart by James Patterson

I’m a big fan of James Patterson’s Alex cross series. So when I found out a new book in the series was coming out, I was excited. In this book, we have two mysteries. the first one is your typical murder mystery. a bunch of people are murdered, and Alex is put onto the case. the other mystery is centered around Alex and his family. A man who calls himself Marcus Sunday (and also uses other names) stalks Alex and his family, plotting the destruction of Alex Cross.

I don’t remember if it was the book before this one, or the one before that, but i wasn’t impressed with one of those. this one, I quite enjoyed. I especially liked the plot centering around  Alex and his family. I will tell you now though, I hated the ending. I wasn’t expecting it to end the way it did, but I was not happy about it. But I have learned that there will be another book, and from the looks of it, the continuation of this story is not done yet. so that was good to know.

If you want a good mystery book to read, or if you like James Patterson’s books, then I would recommend this book.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

For a while, I had no real interest in reading this book. I like mysteries but I just was always looking for something more…Interesting. But the more I saw it when I would look for a new book to read, I decided to go ahead and check it out. For those that don’t know about this book, it’s about two people; Nick and Amy Dunne. They have been married for five years and on the day of their anniversary, Amy goes missing, and Nick is accused of murdering her. simple, straight-forward plot, right? WRONG. this story had so many plot twists and just messes with your mind. I flip-flopped so much between liking Amy and Nick, to hating one, then the other, then liking them again. neither of them are good people. Nick is a cheater and a liar. Amy is psychotic. she lies, manipulates, is very smart and very vengeful. she pretends to be this perfect person, but really she is not perfect at all. and neither is Nick, they are toxic together. personally, in the end i felt sort of bad for Nick. Amy, well, I think she is the more unlikable out of the two.

I really don’t know what to say about this book without giving alot away. i guess I liked this book overall. it keeps you interested, it messes with your mind, which just made me want to continue reading, and for a mystery novel, it’s pretty complex. these two people are so complex and in order to understand you’d need to read the book. So if you’re looking for a good mystery novel that will keep you guessing, give Gone Girl a try. 

The First Phone Call From Heaven

When I first learned about this book I was quite excited to read it. The story is about a man named Sully who’s wife has died, leaving him with their 7 year old son. Sully returns with his son to the town where his parents live; Coldwater Michigan. suddenly people in town are receiving phone calls from deceased people. Sully is convinced these calls are fake and he sets out to find the truth. the book also tells about the history of the telephone. 

I really enjoyed this book. I myself, as I’m sure many others can, can relate to the questions posed. the book poses such questions as “Does Heaven exist?” and “What is it like?” throughout the book I really wanted to believe that these calls were particular thing that stands out is the question of false hope. Sully says that these people shouldn’t be given false hope, that its wrong. but the person he speaks to,basically asks him what is wrong with giving people hope. I can see both sides to this. It’s wrong to let others think that their loved one is speaking to them from beyond, but at the same time, letting people think that can make them feel better. everyone has a different opinion about this. there was one thing I didn’t really like about the book. I felt that it was quite religious. lots of talk about church, god, heaven, etc. I didn’t really expect that when I first started reading it but I guess it shouldn’t have been surprising, it IS heaven after all that is the topic. I know this is a review but I want to throw in my two cents about if our loved ones can talk to us from beyond.

I’m not religious and I don’t know if heaven exists, but I would like to think so. I do believe in ghosts, and I do believe that people can communicate from beyond. When I lost my best friend to suicide 3 years ago, I recieved a phone call that really made me stop and think. she passed early in the morning on october 27th. then later on that evening I got a phone call on the phone that was in my dorm room (I was in college at this time). It was a short conversation and I didn’t think it odd till after i hung up. when i picked up and said hello, the girl on the other end said “I’m sorry I think I have the wrong number”. when i hung up I told my roommate i thought i did know that number. so after doing some hunting through my cell i saw that it was my friends house number that had called my dorm. about a month later i saw my friends mom and told her what happened. she was really startled. she said that no one at the house knew the number to my room phone. only laura did. I believe that even though i didn’t recognize the voice, that it was laura contacting me. if it had been a family member of hers, i would have known; i know their voices. I don’t share this with too many people, seeing as i could be wrong. but I like to think it was her, like those in the book like to think that their calls are real too.

So if you like Mitch Albom’s books, like mystery, some history and books about heaven then I would recommend this book. prehaps like me, you also can relate to these people.

The Westing Game. *be careful, there may be some spoilers*

First before I get into my review, I want to apologize to those that don’t like spoilers. I try hard not to give too much away but I feel that sometimes I can’t review a book well unless I talk about characters or parts of it. with that out of the way I shall continue with my review.

I read this book back in either High School or Middle School for a class and all I could recall was the title and that I enjoyed it. So I decided to reread this book. Its sort of like the game/movie clue. A group of people are gathered together by Sam Westing, who has recently passed away. in his will he tells them to find the name of his murderer, and gives all sisteen of his heirs ten million dollars (i think that was the amount). 

I liked the twist at the end. While I knew that Sam Westing wasn’t really dead, I was unsure of who he could be. But besides that, I can’t say I was into this story. what I didn’t like was the game itself. I felt it was pointless because Sam Westing  wasn’t murdered at all. maybe I missed the point of his game. I didn’t like the bombing plot line, or the stealing plot. I believe Madame Hoo stole things for her trip to China. that’s what I got from her stealing. but if I’m wrong then what was the point of her stealing? and the bombs; what was the point of those? It didn’t really seem to add much to the story. and the stealing and bombings weren’t connected at all. 

Overall it was an Ok book for me. I don’t know why I was able to recall this book I’d read in class but not others. Its an ok mystery story with a pretty decent twist ending. it’s actually pretty light too; it’s not really a dark story and nothing so bad happens. a few accidents, and a death but thats it. no one is killed, or really seriously injured. there’s no real threats. So readers, If your curious check this book out and tell me your thoughts. maybe you can clear some stuff up for me. 

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (there may be some spoilers ahead)

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a story about a boy named Jacob who as a child was told stories by his grandfather. stories about the children’s home his grandfather lived in. Jacob, after a while decides that these stories are fake; just stories. until the night his grandfather is killed. after his grandfather’s death, Jacob is determined to find out the truth about his grandfather’s stories and sets out to find this children’s home. 

I enjoyed this book. Jacob does find the home and I like the whole mystery behind it. The author does a pretty good job at explaining things so you’re not really confused. I’ve heard that there will be another book so as you may guess, the story is left with a sort of cliff-hanger ending. speaking of the end of the book, we learn about the enemies of the peculiar’s and I must admit, when we find out who is out to discover where Miss Peregrine and her children are, I was surprised. The talents these kids have reminds me alot of X-men; invisibility, levitation, strength, etc. what I thought what else was cool about this book were the pictures in it. If you read or have read the book then you’ll see what I mean. But thats something one doesn’t often see in a fiction story. so even though this is a young adult novel, It’s still good for adults to read. It’s funny, action packed and has mystery in it. If you’re into fantasy stories/movies like Harry Potter and X-men, then you’ll probably enjoy this book 🙂

The Haunting of Hill House (Beware, spoilers are in this review)

Last night I finished reading The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. The story is about a group of people that stay for about a week in Hill House, which is supposed to be haunted. it’s your simple ghost story. but what’s different about this ghost story is that it’s more of a psychological horror. the main character Eleanor is really affected by this house. it pretty much drives her mad. but perhaps she was mad from the beginning of the story. 

I’m not too sure what I thought of this book to be honest. I’m on the fence about it. I had two issues with it though; I didn’t like Eleanor. she was narcissistic, and whiny. I didn’t find her to be likable at all. but perhaps her attitude was intentional, since she did end up being crazy. I also was not happy with the end of the book. I thought it ended too abruptly. but I can sort of see why, because you can only say so much to end a book like this.

also, there was a movie that was made that is based on this book. It’s okay for seeing once or so, but really, when you think about it, the movie is really bad. so I would advise skipping the movie and just read the book, unless you’re curious about the movie. 

Overall The Haunting of Hill House was an okay book. It’s a pretty quick read and is kind of creepy. so give it a read if you’re curious about it 🙂

The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made

The Disaster Artist was written by Greg Sestero, the guy who played Mark in Tommy Wiseau’s movie The Room. Now for those who don’t know what the room is about, I honestly don’t quite know how to describe it. but I’m not lying when I tell you it is one of those movies that is so bad its good. it’s become this cult classic type of film, like Rocky Horror. Greg wrote this book recently about his experience in this movie, and of course his relationship with Tommy. everyone who is a fan of the room eagerly anticipated this book. the movie makes you ask so many questions and makes people want to know more about Tommy. this book does not disappoint. it answers many questions about Tommy and the movie. but it also makes us want to know even more about Tommy now. Tommy is, based on everything I’ve seen and read,  probably one of THE weirdest people you will ever meet. and Tommy is also, as we learn in the book, a very very private person. he shares so little about himself. everyone tries to guess where he’s from when they hear him speak. no one can place his accent. 

I really enjoyed this book. it was funny, sometimes sad, and really gave alot of insight into this film and the man behind it all. I would really recommend this book. but I feel it would help if you watched the Room first. I promise you will be entertained and will think as I did when I first saw it “What the hell did I just watch?”

So read this book, and see the movie 🙂