The Mortal Instrument: City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare *SPOILERS*!!

Recently I decided to check out this series, because I heard it was pretty good. I read the first three, and liked them. But I put off reading the others for a while. until now. For those that don’t know the series, its about a girl named Clary who meets the Lightwoods. and discovers they are shadowhunters. she falls in love with Jace, one of the shadowhunters. and her best friend Simon ends up being turned into a vampire. so pretty much its like all sorts of mythological creatures; warlocks, vampires, werewolves, etc. 

if you’ve read the first three, this book is pretty much no different from the others.i really don’t have a whole lot to say except i’m actually beginning to dislike jace. i feel like there really hasn’t  been too much character development. 

this is a pretty good series if you are into fantasy. there will be six books altogether. the sixth has not been released yet. I know that I will continue with the series, and see where it goes.

Forrest Gump by Winston Groom

I’m a fan of the movie Forrest Gump; I like everything about it. So when I discovered that it was originally a book I decided I had to check it out. Yes, the book is a little different from the movie; most books are. In the book, Forrest has many more adventures than he did in the movie; but I realize they couldn’t include all his adventures. many of the characters that we see in the movie appear in the book as well. and as a character, and the narrator, Forrest is a bit different than the one in the movie. Forrest really likes using curse words. but like the movie version, he’s pretty harmless. and quite funny too. he’s honest, and calls himself an idiot, a lot. he’s really very smart though, especially with math; book Forrest is great with complex math equations. Forrest also plays harmonica well, and is a master chessman. he pretty much does it all and in some ways, he’s good at it but as luck would have it, things always get messed up for him. 

The author of the book writes exactly like how Forrest were to talk. Forrest is our narrator, and everything written is written and said as if well, Forrest himself were writing the book. I heard his voice as I read. I enjoyed this book. It’s funny and sometimes kind of sad; just like the movie. even if you have seen the movie, I recommend reading the book, just to see how things are different. it’s easy to read, and goes by pretty fast.