Magical Thinking: True stories by Augusten Burroghs

There isn’t much explanation to this book. its a collection of true stories from Augusten Burroghs’ life. if you don’t know who Augusten is, he’s the author of Running with scissors and Possible Side Effects (both are  hilarious and insane. i recommend them). his books are humourous and just plain crazy. this book is no exception. I loved it. I was laughing through alot of it and I do believe that these things happened to him. he’s in my mind, the type of author that can convince me that yes, these things did indeed happen, and i really like that. as i’ve heard before, Truth is stranger than fiction 🙂

so if your looking for a funny read, that is also quite sarcastic, crazy and at times a bit dark then Burrogh’s is for you

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick

I read this on one of my “I don’t know what to read” book searches. thats actually how i came across the next few books i’m reviewing.

this book is about this guy named Leonard Peacock. it’s his birthday and no one knows. or remembers. and for some reason he has decided that today, he will shoot and kill his former best friend. it is told from his point of view and we learn quite a bit about him and we do learn about the real reason for his hatred of his former best friend.

I did not really like this book much. it was ok, until the end. I hated the end. it was one of those incomplete endings. I liked Leonard and I did feel bad for him. he was just a sad, confused and angry kid.

I can’t say this was the worst book i’ve read. not at all. but it definitely is not one i loved.