They Who Fell by Kevin Kneupper

I’m not going to lie; if it hadn’t been for facebook I probably wouldn’t have found this book series. yes, an advertisement for the page for this book came across my feed and it caught my interest. At first, I was sort of confused as to what this series was about but as i got into the books it became clearer. oh, and as of now there are two books, a third will be written but I don’t know the publication date yet.

this book takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where Angels have fallen from heaven and are now basically evil. of course, you have the select few who aren’t as bad as all the rest. the reason for the fall out from heaven is explained in the books. the Angels live in whats called the perch, with their human servants. the story is told from two POV’s. A girl named Jana who is a servant in the perch and who falls in love with one of the angels. the other pov is from a group of humans who are fighting for freedom; they want to take down the angels and free the human slaves.

I have mixed feelings on the series so far. things i like:

-I really like the concept; fallen angels. i find it different, especially since the angels aren’t all as nice as humans think they are. be warned though, that this book does talk about god and jesus alot (obviously, cause the subject IS angels falling from heaven haha). so if that turns you off, in any way this may not be for you. however, the angels aren’t fond of god (they call him the maker).

-I like alot of the characters, especially some of the angels.

-the progression of the story flows well and its pretty clear and straightforward on what the goals are. as for what I don’t really like:

-the writing feels a bit amateurish. sometimes i get lost in what is going on; it gets confusing and i think that may be because of the writing. i’m not sure though

-the characters are sort of strange. we learn more about them, yes, and theres some that i went from hating to liking more, but the interaction of them, like with Jana and the angel she loves, it’s weird. it’s not believeable. with that said:

-The romance aspect. I don’t hate it but i feel like i can’t believe it. they really don’t interact alot. and it just seems so sudden and rushed.

even though there are some flaws, i want to read the next book when it comes out. I really want to see what happens. I recommend checking this series out. its an interesting premise and i think if it catches your interest, as it did mine, you should give it a look. and please, as always feel free to share your thoughts an opinions!