After You by Jojo Moyes (as always spoilers may be ahead)

When I had finished reading “Me before You” I was really hoping for a sequel, as was many others. and then a while later, we got it! “After You” by Jojo Moyes continues the story of Louisa Clarke, after the death of Will. in a surprise turn of events after she has an accident, she learns Will has a daughter. the story mostly revolves around her dealing with Will’s daughter, her family, her job and this support group she’s in for grief.

I liked the book but I liked the first one better. When she finds out about his kid, she wants to get to know her, and help her. but it gets to a point where she’s making her decisions based on the kid. for example, she gets hired for this great job in New York and turns it down because of the kid. while I understood, it was still a little irritating she did that. I did like that she found love after Will; that was good. I suppose the¬†whole thing with the kid just didn’t do it for me, however it was nice that we got to see what happened to Louisa. So, If you enjoyed “Me before You” I think you should check this one out, especially if you want to know what happens.